Easter Baking Road Test: Chocolate Silk Pancakes

Today’s recipe comes from the Dine and Dash recipe blog (http://dineanddish.net/2013/05/the-chocolate-milk-test-recipe-chocolate-silk-pancakes/). I thought some chocolate pancakes would go over well for Easter Sunday. Happy Easter blog peeps! 

Chocolate silk pancakes are beautiful, light chocolate pancakes made using chocolate milk (yes, you can use soy if you’re vegan/lactose intolerant etc). They’re chocolatey, but not in such an overpowering way that they’ll ruin your Easter chocolate craving in one hit. I served mine with whipped cream and ice cream. 


So the excellent news about these pancakes is that they are incredibly easy to make. The list of ingredients in the link above go in a bowl with some melted butter, mix until smooth, and they’re ready for the griddle. While the recipe doesn’t call for an electric mixer, if your batter is a bit runny and lumpy a mix and a sprinkle of extra flour will help. When cooking, make sure you use medium heat. If the pan is too hot, the pancakes will get crisp very quickly. They should be the colour of chocolate milk, slightly darker. The mixture should make eight to ten pancakes. 


The result: beautiful, fluffy, chocolatey pancakes. Now for the topping. If you like maple syrup with chocolate then by all means go for it. But with chocolate I prefer strawberries and cream/ice cream. No strawberries, so I went with cream and ice cream. I whipped dollop cream rather than using that fun canned stuff. 


Finally, make them pretty with your toppings and maybe add some Milo for an extra chocolate hit. Otherwise, you could melt down some Easter eggs and pour the gooey goodness over the pancakes. Successful baking adventure. Happy Easter.





2 Replies to “Easter Baking Road Test: Chocolate Silk Pancakes”

  1. Do they taste chocolaty? I think I prefer a punch in the face chocolate hit but I love the idea! Or strawberry milk with real strawberries on the pancakes! Or coffee milk with coffee ice cream. Mmmmmmm

    1. They really do! But I love the idea of using strawberry milk or iced coffee too, that sounds amazing. The choccie flavour is definitely there, just not too in your face. I’d add chocolate chips for extra punch if that’s how you like it

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