5 Kinds of Friendships and Their TV Twins

Because nothing is more relatable than Buffy…(wha? there is no slayer? you lie 😀 )

1. The Love to Hate Friend (Paris & Rory, Gilmore Girls

You may have hated them when you met them, or vice versa, and maybe they even made your life kind of hard…and yet, now you’re super close. Even though you question their sanity on a regular basis, and sometimes they seem to be suspicious of your motives even though you’ve been friends for ages. But really, like Paris, they’re a good dependable friends who just happens to have some slightly psychotic tendencies. After all your time together, you’ve come to find their psychosis amusing and kind of charming. You guys are long-term, even though sometimes you have total “hate you with a fiery passion” moments. Take Rory and Paris at graduation, for example. They tell each other that “you know, most of the time, I really hated you”, then hug and cry. Yeah, you have one of these people….if you don’t, they’re coming soon, trust me. 



2. The “Person” (Christina & Meredith, Grey’s Anatomy

They’re your person. The person you call for absolutely anything, from tequila-fuelled rants about your ex’s new hottie to serious “dark and twisty” things. When there’s no one else to tell, you tell them. Essentially they’re your best friend, but it seems like more than that. They defend you even when they know you’re so wrong. They tell you the truth when you ask “does this outfit make me look like an out-of-work porn star?”. When you have to do something crazy, like a big secret reveal, you practice with them first. Christina and Meredith may have done way more insane things than are actually possible in real life (hello, a shooting and a plane crash? what are the odds?) their relationship is realistic. You need a person…even if they enable your tequila habit. 



3. The Guy Best Friend – Friend-Zoned and He Knows It (Mark & Susan, ER)

Poor Mark…he had a bitchy wife who divorced him, and a little crush on his bestie Susan who isn’t really into him in that way. Then he seems to think that she does, but can’t tell her how he feels until seconds before she leaves for Phoenix. Then flash forward five years when Suze comes back, Mark is married again with another kid…and then they get close and become besties again, only for Mark to succumb to his fatal brain tumour. Geez, bad luck. But I digress…The guy friend is pretty much your awesome ally in guy land, and he is totally aware (no matter how often he denies it) of how attractive you are, and that you have friend-zoned him. But now you get to ask all those awkward questions you want to ask the men you’re dating (e.g. why are you judging me based on the drink I order? are you being intentionally obtuse, or are you just an idiot?) and you’re likely to get an actual answer. You guys have pizza and movie nights where you talk through the whole thing and make really stupid jokes. You get each other. It’s cool. 



4. The Group That Stays Together, But It’s Unclear Why (George, Jerry, Elaine and Kramer; Seinfeld

You’ve been friends so long, and had a number of amusing times together, but you can’t for the life of you remember why you became friends with these people. You find most of them annoying, but maybe you feel a tad superior to them in comparison (Elaine). Maybe they buy you coffee, or give you romantic advice. Whatever the reason, most of your conversations are funny but lack depth. You don’t tell them as much as your other friends, because it seems a bit too intimate for them. Nevertheless, they’re pretty good pals and you put up with them because you really have had some fun times. Like the Seinfeld gang, you may dissect a number of vital topics like whether your man is sponge-worthy, how manure really isn’t that bad, and how you’d drape yourself in velvet if it were socially acceptable. 



5. The Adult Friend (Giles & Buffy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

To quote Willow “This is Giles, he’s our adult friend….not in a creepy way”. They can come in a variety of forms…the mature age student that you have awesome convos with at uni, a former teacher or uni lecturer, an older sibling’s friend. They tend to be pretty awesome, mostly because you feel like such an adult (lol, you’re not…not yet). When I say ‘adult friend’ you can totally be an adult yourself, they’re just older and (mostly) wiser. Giles was Buffy’s Watcher, but it was evident throughout the series that they were buddies too…there are some cute-as Buffy/Giles moments where you’re kind of in love with their friendship. I have one of these, and he’s pretty cool, and like Giles I’m sure there are times when my youthful indiscretions make him facepalm (“It’s alright, I have more Scotch”). But he’s always there when I need him, and that’s why we’re friends. Like ‘the person’, the adult friend is your serious discussion friend; when you’re 18-28 you tend to accept that everyone older than you is wise (unless you’re a rebellious wild child who thinks they are totally the smartest person in the room…always). The Giles and Buffy-like friendship is one of the best there is. Now enjoy the cute Buffy/Giles circa season six photo…aww. 





Dannielle x 


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