Inspiration from Jessica Rudd: 20 Before 20

In the most recent issue of CLEO magazine Jessica Rudd, columnist/author/daughter of KRudd/so much more, writes of the benefits of having a pre-thirties bucket list. Inspired by a blogger named Celine, who wrote a “30 before 30” list, Jess created a list of things to do before the big three-o. A wide variety of items, some more hilarious than others (e.g. “Learn to take a selfie in which I don’t look cross-eyed”. Well, when one is the daughter of the selfie king this becomes even more important.), that highlighted the importance of viewing one’s life as journey, and not arriving at the next birthday with regret and feeling like the time for dreams has been lost. 

Now I’m nowhere near thirty…hey, that’s a happy thought :). But I am much closer to 20, another defining age which signifies departure from adolescence and deep consideration about whether vodka-fuelled study sessions are working for you. But there are some things I want to do before then, so inspired by Jessica’s rather impressive list I’ve begun to construct a “20 Before 20” list. Some of the highlights for you:

1. Learn to and successfully bake the Red Velvet Engagement Cake from the Great Aussie Bake Off



Yeah….that’s actually harder than it looks. Red Velvet cake is my cake obsession; I love it more than any other kind of cake. So Maria’s gorgeous red velvet masterpiece is something I want to do. Baking has been my thing since turning 18, a skill to add to the list, and since I didn’t receive any angry calls from friends over Xmas who received my baked goods as gifts, I tend to assume I’m pretty okay at it. You can’t tell when your parents say it’s good, they hate to crush your hopeful spirit. So this cake is my goal. So listen friends, someone get engaged in the next two years okay? It is an engagement cake and I will not eat all of it myself. 

2. Learn the words to every Bruce Springsteen song

It may shock some of my non-Bruce-loving friends to know that I have not actually heard every single song in the Springsteen catalogue, let alone know all the words. Every song includes all 18 studio albums, Tracks, The Promise, and any live songs not included on an album (e.g. Seeds…but I know that one). It’s a monster task, but I feel as a #BruceBud it is my duty. The Boss has a rich and diverse catalogue of music and I must know all that one can know…

3. Read the complete works of John Steinbeck

Steinbeck is one of my favourite classic authors, one of my favourite authors of all time even. I’ve currently read The Grapes of Wrath, East of Eden, Of Mice and Men, and Cannery Row. Steinbeck’s catalogue is rather like Springsteen’s: huge and hard to track down. But I want to try. I’ll kick of this journey with Travels With Charley in Search of America, and To a God Unknown. The rest is a fun journey through every bookshop I can find, online included, to collect the complete works. Hmm…funding may be required

4. Get my Ps

I dear lord I need my license. Buses are cool and all, but only one an hour turns up in my suburb. Not cool. Plus, I just really would like getting to work (10 mins by car) to take 30-60 minutes because of the loopy nature of the bus and the switches I have to make. The way translink fares are going it will cost less to run a small car soon enough. 

5. Teach English Overseas

Practice for my degree is always appreciated by Education Queensland I’m sure. But France is so much nicer than Ferny Grove. I’d rather get some practice in overseas somewhere beautiful, historical, and preferably cold…like snowing cold. I love tutoring, and I really hope I love teaching. I love travel even more, and don’t get to do a whole lot of it. So by my 20th birthday, I at least want that ticket booked (October is a terribly inconvenient time to travel in my year…December is better). Germany, France, Austria….all places where I would much appreciate some small children with cute-as accents that I can teach to say: That Bruce Springsteen sure is swell

So those are some highlights of the list so far, some are more personal and not as entertaining so they’re not for public consumption. However, on October 17th, 2015 I will surely let you know if I have achieved my “20 before 20”. Thank you Jessica Rudd, for the inspiration, and I expect to see some sort of evidence that your goal of mastering a karaoke song that works with or without a big band accompaniment has been achieved :D. And doing it in the style of your Dad singing “Call Me Maybe” doesn’t count. 

Peace, Love, and Buffy 



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