On Baking and Literature: A Gen Y’s Plea

So we Gen Ys often get a bad rep…words like ungrateful, spoiled, tech obsessed, and lazy have all been used. Far too frequently I might add. Every time I see someone share one of those manipulative, oh look how witty I am Facebook text photos with something like: Share if you worked hard for what you have and didn’t have it handed to you OR When I was young our only toy was the outdoors, I seriously want to scream/vomit/kill the person who posted it. I seriously question what else they have to do with their time…


When I was in high school teachers were always telling us how we could do anything, be anything, we are the future blah, blah, blah. They were trying to be inspiring, I get it, and for a while I was inclined to believe them. It seemed plausible, maybe people really did respect me, respected my opinion. Then you see people on social media, on the news starting with the Gen Y bashing and I can’t help but feel like no one does. Is it just me, or do you guys crack up laughing every time a news story about “evil crime causing youth” are on the loose again, and it features some middle to elderly aged Western suburb-ites talking about how they don’t feel safe. OH PLEASE. All you’re doing is making people discriminate against the majority when it’s the minority causing the problems.

Women in particular are often the target of the older generations’ criticism. We don’t take the time to learn to cook, or clean, or keep a good house. We’re obsessed with our careers, we’re not getting down to the business of having children quick enough. It may be news to some, but plenty of us still want children and husbands. Some of you I know are hoping for the day when you can call your partner your husband or wife, and I hope that day comes soon for you guys. Some of us want children later because we want to be nice, productive members of society first, who can financially afford kids, so we can be someone our kids will be proud of like we are proud of our parents (most of us I hope? hahaha). I want my Bachelor of Arts with Honours, and my Master of Teaching. I want my career, because I worked damn hard to get into university and earn my place. I spend my days reading literature, criminological theories, and biomedicine textbooks; and I love it. Just because that is my priority, doesn’t mean that I can’t cook, or keep my house from falling down because it’s bathed in filth. I can bake, I bake seriously awesome stuff. Just ask recipients of my Christmas gifts this year. Refer to my first post, Procrasti-baking. And shockingly enough I can use a washing machine. Literature and vodka is a perfectly legitimate lifestyle choice….I’m sure some of the older generation are familiar with the latter. 


By the way, this delightful girl above is Rory Gilmore, one of us evil Gen Y-ers. She’s awesome, loves books, can’t cook, and a Yale graduate. And also completely fictional. But there are many just like her, all over the world. I would be completely unashamed to be just like Rory. 

You’d think that since the former generation was no doubt similarly berated by the generation before them, more would be a tad less critical of us. I know many of the Gen Ys will be similarly critical of Gen Z, but I implore you my fellow Gen Y kids: DON”T. Be the nice generation, consider how annoyed you feel at intergenerational criticism right now and don’t do it to your children’s generation. Look upon the older generation with respect, because they did fight the wars that allow us to be free, fought for the rights that allow women to be taken seriously, and created the world that we now live in. But they also need to respect us, because it is us who will care for them in their final years, us who will undo the damage done by years of burning away fossil fuels because no one knew better, and us who will discover new things that shapes the world the next generation lives in. So all I ask, is a little respect, and a little consideration; because I am not someone who will take unfair judgement lying down. My parents taught me that. The former generation can’t create a monster and complain when it starts stomping on a few buildings…especially when those buildings tend to be prejudice, injustice, and closed-mindedness. 

Okay guys, rant over. 

Peace, Love, and Buffy




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