Uni study week clearly serves a specific purpose…to study. But despite my best intentions, I never seem to study as much as I plan. I, like many a uni student, procrastinate. Now I thought I had this pretty much down…Buffy? Check. Copy of The Grapes of Wrath? Check. Anything else in the entire world but literature/criminology/biology class work? Check. 

But it turns out I’m doing it wrong, a baking-savvy friend of mine has informed me. The only way for any food-loving person to procrastinate is by baking. Or…procrasti-baking. And yes, I know that’s not an actual word and as an English major I should know better. But I love this word, and this concept. So, courtesy of Roxana’s Home Baking ( , here is my procrasti-baking favourite: Salted Caramel Blondies. Yes…it’s ok to absolutely die. They’re that damn good.

Enjoy, procrasti-bake, and until next time,

Au Revoir! 



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